“Uma Casa à Beira Sol” is pleased to receive your visit and to deliver what you conceived for your well-deserved leisure days...


     Situated in the historic city of Lagos, with its distinctive characteristics, along with the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve, and places of splendid nature and charm, this second home allows you to emerge in a dream.


     Its unique design and decoration, crossing rustic and contemporary, and its idyllic garden allows you to feel in a bucolic and intimate ambience. The blue of the pool invites you to freshen up and its nooks and crannies offer a special retreat in the Algarve.


     Close to the historical centre, D. Ana and Camilo beaches and the cliffs in Ponta da Piedade, with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, here you can enjoy the culture and beauty that the Algarve offers.


Family Culture...

     The family Carvalho Costa originates from central Portugal, specifically Casal Comba, Mealhada and Bairro da Encarnação, Lisbon. In these places, culturally, “the door is always open and there is always a place at the table”, feeling the other as one of us.

     Values such as emotional closeness, exchange and sharing of personal and cultural experiences, altruism and availability, knowledge and learning and involvement and dedication are the hallmark of this family culture. The host is a way of living, as to be genuine and rewarding in essence...


The Beginning...

     “Uma Casa à Beira Sol” was initially thought by Adelino Ferreira Inácio, patriarch of the family, as a holiday house in Lagos that would provide family members and friends a place of comfort and rest away from the routine.

     Its construction dates back to the early 80’s, in order to receive a large number of people, with a central part of the house designed for the family and several other rooms and apartments designed for other guests.

     After finished, the house was briefly used, only as a holiday place. Then the family Carvalho Costa decided to move to Lagos to start their careers in health and education areas.

     During this early period, many family members and friends were received in “Uma Casa à Beira Sol”, enjoying pleasant moments in the comfort of the family, as well as in the beauty of the place.


     “A house full of life but empty in some periods, due to its size” thought the family. By 1987 the family feels as important to share their personal and cultural values and their way to host, not only with the next but also with the new, the abroad, with whom, by this time, crossed the Algarve.

     The name “Uma Casa à Beira Sol” takes shape by the poetry of the place and its features, and the house opens its hospitality to tourism. Initially receiving a majority of visitors coming from central Europe, and gradually becoming multicultural, based on the satisfaction of their experiences.

     The house, in a natural and progressive way, starts several phases of remodeling their spaces, unique nooks and crannies, involved in a splendid garden, dynamically developing the essence of life and experiences of those whom as being another become one of us.


     “Uma Casa à Beira Sol” is in a mature phase of existence, positioning itself in Lagos as a benchmark in hospitality and felt by its visitors as a leisure, relational and cultural experience.

     This placed is endowed with a romantic charm, sustained by the natural beauty of an idyllic garden, the unique design of its rooms, spaces that allow privacy and comfort, a personalized attention striving for closeness and the feeling of serenity and vitality that it emanates.

     The presence of the family makes the values and the concept of hospitality always present and continuous in time...


             "Uma Casa à Beira Sol" has many spaces and services in which their guests can enjoy their time:


Around the whole house, the beautiful lush garden allows a constant immersion in the colours, smells and sounds of its various plants, flowers, trees and visitor birds, providing places to rest and relax in a truly unique experience of the senses...


Nooks and Crannies

Throughout the garden you can find local and distinct details that invite you to contemplate the moment and to breathe poetry of site, allowing you to enjoy time to rest, read or dream...



In the idyllic beauty of the garden emerges the outdoor pool in its blue translucent water of mild temperature, projecting in time the sound of a soothing waterfall and inviting you to a revitalizing dip and embrace the sunlight in the comfort of the lounge chairs that rest on the surrounding green grass.


Social Area

Interior space that breathes through its doors to the garden, in which the design beauty and comfort invites you to the introspection of reading or to share emotions and experiences with others, in valuable leisure moments.

The experience of tasting “AbeiraSol” breakfast is possible in this area, highlighting its beautiful features.



Inserted in the green garden and with a privileged position for the blue of the pool, the reception stays as the bridge between the outside and the “Uma Casa à Beira Sol” experience. The emotional and personalized service of employees that strive for attention, care and availability for the guests and their expectations, make the first contact a predictor of the stay.  

In this space, the guest may have knowledge of all the information of “Uma Casa à Beira Sol” and the available services, as well as clarifying questions, express their needs and know about all the activities and interests of the Algarve.



“Uma Casa à Beira Sol” offers a variety of services that complement and add value to the experience of its guests, such as:

 - Reception (9.00h - 20.00h)               - Daily cleaning                     - Free WIFI  (in the whole hotel)

 - Traditional breakfast                           - Bike rental                            - Computer at the reception 

 - Relax treatments/Massages            - Leisure activities               - Pool/Beach towels